PNF Rubber – A Space-Age Material

By December 28, 2015Dr. Gettleman's Blog

b5658fb1-37d6-4f3a-8763-713178ffda28Dr. Lawrence Gettleman is a professor of prosthodontics and biomaterials at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He invented Novus and was on the team that obtained its final patent. > Click here for more about Dr. Gettleman


PNF rubber (Polyphosphazene fluoroelastomer), the main component in Novus liners, was first developed at Penn State University.  I was part of the team that obtained the final patent for it in 1987.  Dentists and lab technicians can learn its basic chemistry from that patent.

Although it’s been FDA-approved for many years, PNF hasn’t always been readily available to industry, mainly because it’s a specialty polymer that is expensive to produce and the right company hasn’t stepped up to take full advantage of its many useful properties. It’s been used for a variety of applications in the defense and aerospace industries, although not as much as it could and should have been.