No New Equipment, Special Training or Processing

By January 4, 2016Dr. Gettleman's Blog

b5658fb1-37d6-4f3a-8763-713178ffda28Dr. Lawrence Gettleman is a professor of prosthodontics and biomaterials at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He invented Novus and was on the team that obtained its final patent. > Click here for more about Dr. Gettleman


A big reason many dental labs prefer Novus liners is that they can use conventional hot water processing with equipment they already have and know how to use, which allows them to avoid the costs of buying new equipment and retraining staff.  Processing doesn’t take much more time than with other soft liners.  Some liner products process for many hours or require boiling.  There’s even one on the market now that takes fourteen hours!

Another Novus time-and-money saver is that it helps avoid waste.  Any excess that oozes out during packing can be recovered and put in areas where there isn’t any excess, or saved for the next denture. So there’s almost no waste if you’re careful, probably less than 5%.  Most labs want to minimize the amount they throw away, especially a specialty material like Novus.