I Love Boney Undercuts

By December 14, 2015Dr. Gettleman's Blog

b5658fb1-37d6-4f3a-8763-713178ffda28Dr. Lawrence Gettleman is a professor of prosthodontics and biomaterials at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He invented Novus and was on the team that obtained its final patent. > Click here for more about Dr. Gettleman


When I teach, I often take my students to observe surgeons extracting teeth for denture preparation. I try to stop the surgeons from removing excess bone unless it is really extreme.  With Novus in particular, the denture can engage over a bony exostosis, torus, retained tooth, implant head or some other protrusion and it locks into the undercut. The liner has to be carefully adjusted because it engages very tender tissue. That’s another advantage of Novus — almost any rotary instrument can be used to make adjustments. With silicone liners, unless you use special adjusting wheels and devices, instruments either bounce off and do nothing, or they gouge in and create feathers and other defects in liners.