After an absence of more than a decade, Novus™ Soft Denture Liner has returned. From my first encounter with Novus™ in 1988 to recent re-encounters, overall health of the denture bearing mucosa remains my most notable clinical observation. The unique inorganic polymer chemistry of Novus™ Soft Denture Liner does not support biofilm. The energy dispersing properties of Novus'™ unique chemistry are best described as dampened elasticity, meaning unlike silicone, Novus™ has no bounce back. I believe that for these reasons soft tissue health is superior with Novus™ dentures requiring, on average, less than half the number of post insertion adjustments compared to laboratory processed silicone.

Dr. Nels Ewoldsen DDS, MSD – on Novus®

Nels Ewoldsen DDS, MSD – Dr. Ewoldsen earned his DDS and MSD from the Indiana Univesity School of Dentistry in 1978 and 1994.  He owns and operates Conservative Dental Solutions, a private practice, located in Waveland, IN

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