Gregory Jacob, DDS Talks About the Benefits of NOVUS®

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Dr. Gregory Jacob talks about the benefits of NOVUS®, a soft denture liner using PNF®, to create a comfortable and practical option for denture wearers. Dr. Jacob describes his experience with using NOVUS® and why it is a good choice when improving the fit and performance of a denture. For more information please visit NOVUS and PNF are registered trademarks of White Square Chemical, Inc.

Denturologist Daniel Léveillé Discusses the NOVUS® Solution

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Canadian Denturist, Daniel Léveillé, describes his experience with denture patients and how NOVUS® became the perfect solution for the problems associated with wearing dentures. From his professional case studies, he determines that a NOVUS® soft denture liner helps his patients tremendously. For more information about NOVUS®, visit To learn more about White Square Chemical, Inc., visit

White Square Chemical Presents NOVUS®: The Most Comfortable Denture in the World

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Learn the benefits of NOVUS® a specially formulated soft denture liner with polyphosphazene or better known as PNF®. This material actually helps denture wearers mitigate known issues associated with acrylic dentures. Here from dental professionals who have used NOVUS® and feel that it provides the best option. For more information about NOVUS®, visit For learn more about White Square Chemical, Inc., visit

Dr. S. Gerald Marx

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I have found NOVUS® to solve even some of my most difficult patient problems in denture function, retention and comfort. I have to say I like everything about NOVUS®!  Patients tolerate their appliances better and function better even in challenging situations such as knife edged ridges.
All of this and the relines last trouble-free for years!

Dr. S. Gerald Marx
USA, 2010

Tony DeAngelis, Dental Depot

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50 years of being around the sights and sounds of the family dental laboratory business, I’ve understood much about dentures and how they work and don’t work. Lower dentures specifically can be truly problematic for most denture wearers and prove to be equally challenging for the clinician as well.

Finally a material arrives on the scene called NOVUS®. Made of polyphosphazene, it possesses a unique energy damping quality during chewing; driving the lower denture towards the tissue while maintaining a softness without an annoying squishy feeling. At the same time, NOVUS® engages bony undercuts such as evident in the pre, mid and retro Mylohyoid areas also softening contact on either mental nerve. Through a number of patient testimonials, it has been determined that using NOVUS® Resilient Liner in a new denture or in a reline process, changes the lower denture wearing experience for the patient for the better in most, if not all cases. NOVUS® is truly revolutionary!

Tony DeAngelis, CDT
Lab Owner, USA
September 2014

NOVUS® Features Dr. Finlay Sutton

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Literally, NOVUS® came a long way from the U.S. via Australia to the United Kingdom

Dr. Finlay Sutton, United Kingdom

Dr. Finlay Sutton and his NOVUS® patients experiences. He found the NOVUS material to be successful. One particular patient experience proved NOVUS to give comfort and functional fit.

Patient NOVUS Case Study
BEFORE NOVUS: My patient had been losing weight and had a very restricted diet owing to lingual soreness under the lower complete denture.

AFTER NOVUS: In the week since fitting the NOVUS lined lower denture she told me she had put on 7 pounds and could now eat all types of food. In addition, she didn’t need any adjustment today. It is a remarkable material…she absolutely loves her dentures. We are very very impressed with the product, our patients have been extremely happy with it. In my opinion it is a great improvement over other soft lining materials currently on the market.

AROUND THE WORLD: NOVUS was recommended to Dr. Sutton by another prosthodontist, Dr. John Besford in the U.K. Dr. Besford is a world renowned expert in removable prosthodontics and he first heard of NOVUS in the late 1980’s (the first distribution of NOVUS by Hygenic Corp.). In 2012, Dr. Besford discovered NOVUS again during his lecture tour in Australia sponsored by Ultimate Dental. It was Ultimate Dental who informed Dr. Besford of NOVUS and gave him a package to sample in the U.K.

Dr. Sutton is a registered Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Endodontics in the United Kingdom. He practices at Finlay Sutton Partnership, Weind House in Garstang, Lancashire, U.K.

Special thanks to Dr. Finlay Sutton and Mr. Rowan Garstang, Dental Technician at the Finlay Sutton Partnership at Weind House.

Ken Parker, Parker Denture Clinic

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Your NOVUS seems to work as advertised, as I have processed my first ever NOVUS permanent soft liner case. The NOVUS material did not disappoint and to our surprise provided an excellent result. The patient had a history of denture problems, so it was decided that we would attempt to place the NOVUS on the upper as well as the lower denture. Upon insertion there were no obvious sore spots or pressure points evident, which was not the norm for this patient. After further contact with this patient she continues to have a level of comfort never before achieved with any other soft liner we have used in the past. It is highly recommended that this be processed using a muscle molded final impression to achieve proper border extensions. The material seems to exhibit excellent properties, bonds well, easy to trim and polish, packs quickly, and can be short cured. There is a short learning curve with this product but the results are well worth it.
Ken Parker
Parker Denture Clinic, Ingersoll Ontario Canada
September 2, 2011