Novus® Soft Denture Liner

See and Feel the Difference


With Novus®, You Can Expect:

Greater Comfort & Confidence, Less or No "Pop-Off"


The Novus® Soft Denture Liner

Won't Need to be Replaced Every Six Months. Resists Fungal Growth.


Functional Fit & Excellent Comfort

Shock Absorption During Chewing. Easy Adjusting. Low Surface Tension.

NOVUS®— The Most Comfortable Denture in the World

Lifetime Comfort and Fit.

Based on Polyphosphazene (PNF®) Technology, originally used for military and aerospace programs, NOVUS® Denture material provides the most comfortable denture wearing experience ever. With NOVUS® you can expect:

Laboratory-Cured Denture Material

  • Shock absorption during chewing (more patient comfort with fewer adjustments)
  • No porosity leading to resistance to surface and subsurface fungal growth (less fouling, odor, or stain)
  • Low surface tension with excellent wetting
  • Easy adjustment and polishing with rotary instruments
  • Engagement of deep anatomical undercuts
  • Moldable around overdenture abutments or implant heads and bars to provide denture retention, stability, and support
  • Allow denture movement towards the abutments and tissue
  • Excellent bonding to acrylic denture bases
  • X-ray opacity (can be identified if parts of the denture are swallowed or inhaled)
  • Unlimited shelf life of the single-component patty if refrigerated
  • Uses standard dental laboratory compression-molding processing steps

For the Denture Patient

With NOVUS® here’s what you can expect:

  • Less or no “pop-off” while chewing
  • Greater comfort, confidence
  • Permanent liner, no need to replace every six months
  • Adjustments can be made quickly–right in your dentist office
  • Resists fungal growth
  • Does not diminish the denture strength
  • Uses less pastes / glues / adhesives

The NOVUS® Polyphosphazene (PNF®) material, used in our dentures is the only material in the market capable of giving you long-lasting results, functional fit, excellent comfort and confidence! 

NOVUS® possesses a unique energy dampening quality during chewing; driving the lower denture towards the tissue while maintaining a softness without an annoying squishy feeling. At the same time, NOVUS® engages bony undercuts such as evident in the pre, mid and retro Mylohyoid areas also softening contact on either mental nerve. Through a number of patient testimonials, it has been determined that using NOVUS® Liner in a new denture or in a reline process, changes the lower denture wearing experience for the patient for the better in most, if not all cases. NOVUS® is truly revolutionary!

See your dental professional today & ask if your denture care could benefit from NOVUS® Download Brochure